Welcome to Bella’s Collections’ blog! Today we are going to share the different party dresses that we offer here in our store! All of our clothes are imported from the United States, Turkey, and Istanbul! We have many different styles, lengths, colors, designs, and styles! Stop in the store today so we can help you pick out your perfect new outfit for your upcoming event! We will share lots of photos and prices as well! Don’t forget we have lots more than party dresses!

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The prices of our dresses range from 180k – 750k UGX. The price depends on the length, style, and design so you can message us on Whatsapp to get specific prices, or stop in the store!

Ways to care for your dresses:

  • The most important tip we could give you, is look at the tag. It will give you any special instruction that the material may need.
  • Use round, wood hangers so the dress fibers can breathe when you aren’t wearing it.
  • Another great tip, is if you only wore the dress once and it didn’t get dirty, then hang it back up and don’t wash it until it needs it! Over washing your clothes is the #1 killer to our closets.
  • Practice good hygiene. It may sound simple, but practicing good hygiene – such as showering daily, wearing deodorant, and using proper undergarments – can help keep your clothes cleaner and in better condition. Don’t forget that sweat also causes stains.
  • Hang your clothes when you aren’t wearing them, this will help decrease wrinkles and increase the life of your clothes.
  • Store your dresses in a dry closet so no insects like moths can get in and destroy them. 
  • Iron your clothes when they need it, but do so carefully. There is a chart below to help with the temperatures!

    Many irons have different levels for various fabrics on the heat dial, but here’s a general guide:

    • Linen: 445° F
    • Cotton: 400° F
    • Viscose/Rayon: 375° F
    • Wool: 300° F
    • Acrylic: 275° F
    • Polyester: 300° F
    • Silk: 300° F
    • Acetate: 290° F
    • Lycra: 275° F
    • Nylon: 275° F


  • Another good tip is to get dressed after you do your hair and make-up.

Fabrics (Kitenge):

We also have kitenge fabric. Our fabrics are hang picked from West Africa. They are available in both plain and metallic. It is 25k per yard for plain and 45k per yard for metallic fabric.

Click here to read more about kitenge fabric!


We have a lot of different girls and women’s shoes imported from the USA. The prices start at 200k.


Our bags and clutches are imported from Italy, Turkey, and the USA.

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