Why Double Leather Shoes Are Superior

Why Double Leather Shoes Are Superior:

Leather shoes are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. They not only provide an elegant and sophisticated look, but also offer comfort, durability, and protection for your feet. However, not all leather shoes are created equal. Double leather shoes, in particular, offer several advantages over other types of leather shoes. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why double leather shoes are superior and why they should be a staple in every shoe collection.

First, let’s define what double leather shoes are. Double leather shoes are made with two layers of leather, one on the upper part of the shoe and the other on the sole. The upper layer of leather is typically thicker and sturdier, while the bottom layer provides extra support and cushioning for your feet. This construction makes double leather shoes more durable and long-lasting than single leather shoes, which are made with only one layer of leather.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what double leather shoes are, let’s dive deeper into their advantages. From quality to comfort, there are several reasons why double leather shoes are the superior choice.

Benefits of Double Leather Shoes

Double leather shoes have a number of benefits that make them a superior choice for footwear. First and foremost, they are incredibly durable. The two layers of leather make them much more resistant to wear and tear, which means that they will last much longer than regular leather shoes. This is especially important if you are someone who is hard on their shoes, or if you need them for a job that requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time.

Another benefit of double leather shoes is that they are more comfortable than regular leather shoes. The extra layer of leather provides additional cushioning, which can make a big difference if you are on your feet for extended periods of time. Additionally, the extra layer of leather helps to regulate the temperature of your feet, keeping them cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather.

Finally, double leather shoes are also more stylish than regular leather shoes. The additional layer of leather gives them a unique texture that sets them apart from other types of shoes. This means that they can be worn with a wider variety of outfits, from formal wear to more casual attire. They are also a great way to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Durability and Longevity: How Double Leather Shoes Stand the Test of Time

Double leather shoes are designed to last for many years. The double layer of leather makes them more resistant to wear and tear, which means they can withstand everyday use and harsh weather conditions without falling apart or losing their shape.

Moreover, double leather shoes can be re-soled and re-heeled multiple times, which extends their lifespan and makes them a more sustainable and cost-effective choice in the long run. In fact, many double leather shoes can last for decades with proper care and maintenance.

When you invest in a pair of double leather shoes, you are not just buying a fashion statement, you are buying a durable and reliable footwear that can serve you for many years to come. They are perfect for those who are looking for high-quality shoes that can withstand the test of time, as well as for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint by choosing sustainable and long-lasting products.

In conclusion, double leather shoes are superior to other types of shoes in terms of comfort, style, and durability. They are the perfect choice for those who want to make a wise investment in their footwear and enjoy the benefits of premium-quality shoes that can last a lifetime.

Quality Turkish Leather Shoes

In conclusion, investing in a pair of double leather shoes is a smart decision for anyone who values quality, durability, and style. Double leather shoes offer a number of benefits over other types of shoes, including enhanced water resistance, better insulation, and improved durability. They are also incredibly stylish and versatile, making them a great choice for any occasion.

At Bella’s Ladies Collection, we offer a wide variety of double leather shoes for both men and women, including formal dress shoes, casual loafers, and everything in between. Our shoes are made from the highest-quality materials and are designed to last for years to come. Plus, with our extensive selection of styles and colors, you’re sure to find the perfect pair to complement any outfit.

So why settle for ordinary shoes when you can have extraordinary double leather shoes? Upgrade your footwear game today by visiting Bella’s Ladies Collection and experiencing the difference for yourself!

Bella’s New Stock Update 73

Bella's New Stock Update 73

Ladies suit

Do you want to solve back to work conundrum even in this current weather? Do you love to carry a professional look even in the events? Let’s add the lady’s skirt suits into your wardrobe.

Have you noticed that we added one more item to our collection! i.e., lady’s skirt suits. According to us, a perfect skirt suit mark all the boxes when it’s about reflecting styling dilemmas. Wearing a skirt suit means carrying style with all your comfort zone.


In our store, we have the best options for you to cope with warm summer weather. Try this mini skirt combined with a fantastic jacket that proves itself best of a day-night avatar. Focusing on its material will make you realize that it’s pretty comfortable, and you can freely wear it without being dependent on climate. There is nothing wrong if we say that blue is the new trendy color even for ladies. So, waste no time and grab this flawless skirt suit to stand out in the audience. Note that you will give multiple sizes of the same item.

Are you in love with the royal blue color? Do you want to slay in your professional event while wearing blue? Let’s have a look at the new addition of ladies skirt suits to our collection. We are proud to mention that it’s the most attention-grabbing item of our latest collection. Pick this skirt suit when you want an excellent new addition to your formal dress category. The stuff of dress is relatively smooth and comfortable to wear even for longer days. Know that wearing the skirt dress is not restricted to formal meetings, but you can carry this style at any gathering.

Let me mention that there is no pattern or design over the cloth of the skirt suit. We believe in giving you a style with a blend of simplicity. Go ahead with this dress when you want everyone to notice the color of the skirt suit that you are wearing.

Today, all we have is in different shades of blue. As mentioned above, blue is the new trend in colors. Let’s bring yourself under the limelight by wearing this ladies skirt suit. It’s a complete set of suits presented to you that is more than enough to carry in events. The sky-colored skirt suit can be the best option when you want to reflect a formal or sophisticated personality. The presence of pockets within the short blazer is another decision-making point for ladies.

Fortunately, we have different sizes in all of these ladies skirt dresses. Explore our official store and pick the best option to reflect an impressive personality.


To wrap it up

A ladies skirt suit can be the best option to wear when you attend an official dinner. Even, it’s the available option when you want to look professional and sophisticated. You have a lot of pink in your wardrobe so let’s try different shades of blue this time. Also, there are other options for you at our official store; let’s explore this and grab the item of your choice.

Bella’s New Stock Update 72

Bella's New Stock Update 72

Ladies casuals in Kampala

Shopping for casuals is completely your choice, but throwing light on the right store is our duty.

You are warmly welcome to our MUST HAVE and ladies casuals in Kampala.

It’s high time to refresh your wardrobe with our latest casual closets. With a chill in the air, continue following the trends with our amazing Khakis, jeggings, and jeans.

Therefore, let’s jump into the store and discover the flawless female accessories and key products of our brand.

Honestly, we are quite obsessed with our own collection because the products are enough to fill your wardrobe with style and quality.

Name a ladies casuals and we will serve you with the best closet of your demand.

Let’s discuss the casuals separately to highlight each of their detail.

The low maintenance khaki has its own special place in the female’s collection when it’s about style in a busy life. Luckily, khakis are not restricted to the “safari” getup and one can carry it depending on personal style.

Our best khakis are going to flourish you from classic to outdoorsy. What else do we want from our dresses?

The presence of a natural hue along with a wide range of tones is more than enough for summertime prints.

Next time you want to replace a pair of casual, give us a chance of our khaki and you will not be regret buying it.

Moving ahead to the next item, jegging is the staple in someone’s collection. Jegging is the priority and the basic need when it’s about layering and working out. So, a bad selection can burst the balloon of your dignity.


Thanks to our ladies casual in Kampala which is there for you with the best quality jeggings.

Getting into the details will make you realize that there is a wide range of colors in our jegging portion.

Along with this, we have rounded up the go-with-every-outfit jeggings. Wearing these will make it clear to you that the jegging is not just comfortable but stylish too.

By keeping your comfort in mind, we are in the favor of jeggings in jersey stuff. The colors, the plenty of stretches, and the comfy stuff are proof that these jeggings can be the best addition to your casuals.

Wait! Our product list is not ended yet.

Jeans, again the staple in our closets.

Just like finding the best outfit for some event, finding the right jeans can be a tricky task.

Again, the wrong selection of jeans can bring regrets on your way. Therefore, go ahead with our store and pick the best quality ladies’ jeans.

We are promising to add trendy stuff to our customer’s collections.

Don’t panic!

All of the above-mentioned perks are available in a budget-friendly manner. There will be no burden on your pockets if you are moving ahead with our latest collection.

Our store is the end of your surfing for the quality and trendy products. By selecting us, you are actually bringing long-lasting casuals to your side.

So, grab your favorite product and hence stand out in the audience.


Bella’s New Stock Update 71

Bella's New Stock Update 71

Ladies: Ladies: These are Originals made in Turkey, never Copies at Bella’s. 2 pcs vest, pantsuits. Ideal for Power Lunch or meeting in Boardroom. Sizes 10 through 22.

Ladies:  WOW, Beautiful, Classy, and Trending.  We Love Quality Tops. These are made in Turkey, 100% Chiffon, originals…  We do not make copies. Sizes 10 through 22… many colors.

Bella’s New Stock Update 70

Bella's New Stock Update 70

Ladies:  We Love Shirt dresses, AND we have REAL 100% Cotton Denim in the shop.  You know the heavy feel of quality Denim… this is an Original made in Turkey, we never make copies… Sizes 10 through 22…

Ladies: This Office wear is Quality and Trending. Made in Turkey, an Original. YOU will be distinguished in your Office.

Ladies:  WOW, Beautiful, Classy, and Trending. This dress with cover is smart, YOU will be the talk of your next function… Chiffon Blended, made in Turkey, an original… we never make copies.

💃🏿Clothing Guide💃🏿


Welcome to Bella’s Collection’s blog! Today we are going to go over different tips to help you match your clothes in the morning everyday! Check out the table of contents below to see all of the different styles we cover! We will also have photos through-out the blog as well sharing what we have in the store for you! Stop into the store today so we can help you pick out the perfect outfit for your upcoming event or interview! Hopefully this blog helps you!

Table of contents:

  • Colors that shouldn’t be mixed
  • Kitenge Fabric
  • Ladies Suits
  • Dresses
  • Principles to matching
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus

Colors that shouldn’t be combined:

  • Brown and black
  • Gray and Brown
  • Blue and black
  • Red and Green (Unless it’s Christmas)
  • Green and pink
  • Green and orange
  • Purple and Yellow
  • Red and Orange

Colors that do go together:

  • Green and Yellow
  • Pale Blue and Pink. (Nothing says spring more than pastels)
  • Red and Blue
  • Cobalt Blue and Turquoise
  • Orange and Blue
  • Tan and Maroon
  • Orange and Black
  • Pink and Grey

Click here to see our shoe guide! 

Kitenge Fabric:

We sell different outfits as well as by the yard! If you make an outfit out of the same fabric, it will already match! If you want to mix fabrics, your safest bet is to use a solid color and a design.

Our fabrics are hang picked from West Africa. They are available in both plain and metallic. It is 25k per yard for plain and 45k per yard for metallic fabric.

Click here to read all about kitenge fabric!

Click here to read of when to wear our shoes!

Tops and Bottoms we have:

Tips to keeping your clothes soft after washing and wearing them.

Key Steps:
  1. Read washing labels and follow the guide.
  2. Try making a natural water softener made from vinegar or baking soda.
  3. Go for detergents with long-lasting fragrances to get smells out of clothes.
  4. Let clothes hang naturally and air while drying.
  5. Use a gentle spin cycle on delicate clothing.

Click here for help with bras!

Ladies Suits:

We offer women and girls suits, they are imported from USA and Turkey. The prices range from 350k – 900k

Our women’s and girls trousers are imported from Italy and Turkey. The prices range from 150k – 200k


One of the biggest fashion mistakes that women make is pairing suit separates in colors that are too close, such as a dark navy jacket and black pants, a white blazer and ivory pants, or a brown jacket and a skirt in a different shade of brown. Pairing those combinations will likely make it seem like you were trying to match but just didn’t quite get it right.

Instead, opt for colors that are completely different. A red jacket and a pair of navy pants will look great together, and so will a royal purple jacket and an ivory-colored skirt. Pro tip: Think back to the color wheel you learned in elementary school and try to pair contrasting colors.


The easiest way to mix and match your suits is to pair patterns and neutrals. Have a floral pencil skirt? Pair it with one of your neutral suit jackets. Red pants? Wear them with a pinstripe blazer. It’s hard to go wrong with this strategy because the combinations that you put together will immediately feel new and fresh, and you won’t run the risk of putting together two items that don’t quite match, but look like they were supposed to.

Start by pulling a color from the print you’re starting with—such as the pink from a floral printed jacket—and find a solid-colored piece in that color to match with it. Another tip: Black and white prints, particularly black and white stripes, go with everything. Leopard is another great neutral print that will match practically any other solid color you pair it with.


Make sure the textures of your suiting separates have different enough textures, or you’ll look like you’re trying to match two separates that don’t go together instead of wearing two distinct separates. Pair a velvet blazer with wool pants or a tweed jacket with a thick ponte skirt so you don’t make this mistake. Another trick: Stock up on suiting separates that are the same material so you can easily mix and match different-colored separates.

Take another look at the suits in your closet: You’ll have a lot more outfits available to you when you start mixing and matching them. Create combinations that highlight contrasting textures, colors, or prints, and let your personality shine through the combinations you try.

Click here to see our different departments!


You don’t have to worry about your outfit matching when you are wearing a dress! 

We offer women and girls dresses that are imported from Italy, Turkey, and the USA. The prices range from 180k – 750k

Bonus – What we also carry!


We have girls and women’s shoes imported from the USA. The prices start at 200k.


Our bags and clutches are imported from Italy, Turkey, and the USA.

Principles for Matching Colors

  • Black is the go-to color for almost anyone. Red, blue, and yellow are known as the primary colors. All other colors come from a combination of these three hues. Yellow looks good with black, however as it has the tendency to look bright, it is always better to go for lighter shades of yellow when pairing with black. Yellow can also be paired with light green and light orange shades.
  • Choose complementary colors. Two is a good number to shoot for. Some complementary pairings are: orange/blue, violet/yellow, turquoise/maroon. Refer to the color wheel to find complementary colors.


Thank you for reading our blog! Today we went over what we carry in our store! We also shared how to match your outfits! We shared many different pictures of what we offer and ways they can be worn! Our WhatsApp number is listed below! Text us on Whatsapp if you have any questions or come into the store and we can help you pick out your future new favorite outfit!

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👡Shoe Guide👡


Welcome to Bella’s Collection‘s blog! Today we are going to share with you the different style shoes that go with different outfits! There are lots of different pictures of each shoe as well! All of our clothes are imported from the United States! Check out our table of contents below to see what all we talk about today! Make sure to check our Facebook as well to see any current deals we have!

Click here to see our inventory!

Table of Contents:

  • Different Shoe Types
    • Open toe heal
    • Open toe wedge
    • Closed toe heal
    • Sandals
  • Shoes with dresses
  • Shoes with shirts and pants
  • Shoes with shirts and skirts
  • Matching your outfit with
    • black shoes
    • white shoes
    • red shoes
    • pink shoes
    • purple shoes
    • gold shoes
    • silver shoes
    • nude shoes
  • Conclusion

Open Toe Heal:

Open toe shoes are great for most events! They are perfect to show off your new matching mani-pedi’s!

Open toe wedge:

Wedge’s are perfect to give you that bit of height but with more stability from the thick wedge!

Closed Toe Heel:

These are the perfect shoe when you ran out of time and couldn’t paint your toe nails!

Women’s dresses/Skirts:

Women’s dresses have many different styles! There are sun dresses, long dresses, short dresses, and many more! 

With dresses you would wear wedges, flats, heels, or even flip flops! Some occasions a short top flat tennis-shoe looks good! 

You want to avoid tall or bulky shoes when wearing a dress, it will take away from the delicate look the dress gives you!

Shirt & Pants:

When you are wearing long pants and a shirt, almost any shoes can go with with your outfit! The same rule for the dresses applies, you want to try to stay away from big and bulky shoes! 

If you are wearing dress pants and a dress shirt in a business or business casual outing you can wear heals! This will give you that nice professional look! 

If you are wearing jeans, sandals or tennis shoes look the best! If you are doing anything active, tennis shoes are your best bet! 

If it is snowy or raining, rain boots or snow boots can be worn with jeans, just make sure to tuck them in!

Click here to read about kitenge fabric.

Shirts & Skirts:

When wearing a skirt it gives a certain feminine look! Weather it is short, or long, with or with-out a design! 

If you are wearing a long or short skirt, you can rock a beautiful pair or flats, heels, wedges, or flip-flops. No matter the occasions any of those are sure to complete your outfit.  

You do not want to wear tennis shoes or boots with your skirt. 

Click here to read about your bras! 

Matching shoe color to your outfit:

1. Black shoes

The most common shoe color, black, is not so difficult to match with other colors because it can be matched with almost every other color, but still here are the best colors that go with black shoes: Black, blue, gold, silver, burgundy.

2. White shoes

Almost like black, white can be matched with almost any outfit. Women like to wear it with denim, but it’s great for colorful outfits, patterned outfits and pastels.

3. Red shoes

They’re so daring and sexy. And the best colors that go perfectly with red shoes are: Black, white, neutrals, navy blue, orange, and pink.

4. Pink shoes

The color of the year and the cutest for girls and women can be matched with: Navy blue, neutrals, red, grey, silver, purple and green.

5. Purple shoes

Purple is as cute as pink when it comes to shoes and outfits, but what colors would make it pop and look best with it? Neutrals, pink, navy blue, and green.

6. Blue shoes

Blue shoes are as important as black shoes, but they’re a little bit difficult to match with your outfits, so here the colors that would look great on blue shoes: Brown, green, white, black, neutrals, and yellow.

Click here to read about matching your outfit!

7. Gold shoes

Gold shoes are not that hard to match with outfits as you might think, gold shoes can be matched with black, emerald green, red, and blue.

8. Silver shoes

I love silver shoes with denim; they go best with each other. But that doesn’t mean that silver shoes can’t go with gold, black, white, red, navy blue, pink and neutrals.

9. Nude shoes

If you want to elongate your legs and you want them to look slimmer, then wear nude shoes. They also can go with every outfit you have in your closet.


Today in our blog we talked about the different types of shoes we offer and what type of shoes to wear with different outfits and what color of shoes go best with what outfits! Stop in the store today so the girls can help you pick out the newest imported shoes and the cutest outfit to go with! We can dress you for many different occasions!

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🤩Inventory Photos🤩


Welcome to Bella’s Ladies Collection‘s blog! Today we are going to share some of the different products we offer here at our store! We have plenty of pictures all spread out through this blog so you can SEE what we have for your whole family! We will also go over how to clean and care for the clothes! Everything in our store is imported from the United States of America and Turkey! Check out our table of contents below to see everything we have! You can look at the actual sections for the details like price! Check out our Facebook for new updates! Send us a message with any questions or find us on WhatsApp!

Table of Contents:

  • Ladies Suits
  • Dresses
  • Trousers
  • Tops
  • Fabric (Kitenge)
  • Shoes
  • Bags/Clutches


We offer women and girls suits, they are imported from USA and Turkey. The prices range from 350k – 900k. We have many different colors, designs, and carry many different sizes. Keep scrolling to see our clutches and heels that go great with our ladies’ suits!


We offer women and girls dresses that are imported from Italy, Turkey, and the USA. The prices range from 180k – 750k UGX. We have many different colors, designs, and types! We have single piece dresses and two piece dresses with nice tops!

Click here to see our departments!

Click here for shoe help! 


Our women’s and girls trousers are imported from Italy and Turkey. The prices range from 150k – 200k. We have different colors and styles! We have nice jackets to go with our your choice of blouse! We will have a size for you or can custom order!


We offer girls and omens tops imported from Turkey and the USA. The prices range from 70k – 150k UGX. These are the tops we talked about in the dress section! These can be paired with dresses or dress pants! We have many different color, sizes, and designs! 

Click here for help matching clothes! 

Fabrics (Kitenge):

Our fabrics are hang picked from West Africa. They are available in both plain and metallic. It is 25k per yard for plain and 45k per yard for metallic fabric. You can buy one of our already made dresses or buy the fabric by the yard and make one yourself! If you have a crafty hand you can make many things with our fabric! We will share some ideas below!

  • Dress
  • Skirt
  • Shirt
  • Pillow case
  • Curtain
  • Table cloth
  • Many more!

Click here to read more about kitenge fabric!