Welcome to Bella’s Ladies Collection‘s blog! Today we are going to share some of the different products we offer here at our store! We have plenty of pictures all spread out through this blog so you can SEE what we have for your whole family! We will also go over how to clean and care for the clothes! Everything in our store is imported from the United States of America and Turkey! Check out our table of contents below to see everything we have! You can look at the actual sections for the details like price! 

Table of Contents:

  • Ladies Suits
  • Dresses
  • Trousers
  • Tops
  • Fabric (Kitenge)
  • Shoes
  • Bags/Clutches


Pictured below are some of our ladies’ suits. We offer women and girls suits, they are imported from USA and Turkey. The prices typically range from 350k – 900k. Stop in the store today to unleash your inner boss!


We offer women and girls dresses that are imported from Italy, Turkey, and the USA. The prices range from 180k – 750k! We have many different styles and sizes! Your family can match or each pick out their own favor dress!


Our women’s and girls trousers are imported from Italy and Turkey. The prices range from 150k – 200k! We only offer the best here and we are sure you will find your new favorite pair of pants here!


We offer girls and womens tops imported from Turkey and the USA. The prices usually range from 70k – 150k!

Fabrics (Kitenge):

Our fabrics are hang picked from West Africa. They are available in both plain and metallic. It is 25k per yard for plain and 45k per yard for metallic fabric. You can see some of the different beautiful fabrics we have to offer here! Again, you can buy them by the yard and do as you wish with it! 

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Pictures below are some of the gorgeous shoes we have available. We have girls and women’s shoes imported from the USA. The prices start at 200k. We have many different sizes so we are sure to find a shoe for someone here!


Our bags and clutches are imported from Italy, Turkey, and the USA. You can see some of them pictured below, we have many different colors, sizes, and styles! 

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Now that we have shown you all of the different options we offer here, we are going to share some clothing tips as well to help you keep up the care on them! 

How to care for your clothes:

With women’s suits or Kitenge fabric you don’t want to over wash them. It will start to stretch the fabric and it will eventually wear and tear it down. 

  • Your clothes need to be able to breathe so using a round, wooden hanger is going to allow that to happen. 
  • Use a clothing brush to help with wrinkles and to open the fibers back up to let it breathe and let go of the all day stenches. 
  • Buy a small, at home steamer for your fancy clothes. This will make sure you look the best in the room. It takes care of the wrinkles, and gives your clothes a good refresher. 
  • DON’T TAKE YOUR CLOTHES TO THE DRY CLEANERS EVERYTIME YOU WEAR THEM. The chemicals they use will damage your clothes over time. Use caution when wearing your clothes and they will last much longer. 
  • Don’t let your clothes or any fabric sit while wet. It needs to hang up so it can dry thoroughly. This will not only help the smell but it will also help with any wrinkles. 
  • The above rule goes for shoes as well. If they get wet you want to put them in the dryer, in front of a fan, or in the sun to dry as quickly as possible. 


Thank you for reading our blog! Today we went over what we carry in our store and how to care for it and clean it! We also shared a lot of photos of our inventory!  Our WhatsApp number is listed below! Text us on Whatsapp if you have any questions or come into the store!

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