Bella’s New Stock Update 71

Bella's New Stock Update 71

Ladies: Ladies: These are Originals made in Turkey, never Copies at Bella’s. 2 pcs vest, pantsuits. Ideal for Power Lunch or meeting in Boardroom. Sizes 10 through 22.

Ladies:  WOW, Beautiful, Classy, and Trending.  We Love Quality Tops. These are made in Turkey, 100% Chiffon, originals…  We do not make copies. Sizes 10 through 22… many colors.

Bella’s New Stock Update 70

Bella's New Stock Update 70

Ladies:  We Love Shirt dresses, AND we have REAL 100% Cotton Denim in the shop.  You know the heavy feel of quality Denim… this is an Original made in Turkey, we never make copies… Sizes 10 through 22…

Ladies: This Office wear is Quality and Trending. Made in Turkey, an Original. YOU will be distinguished in your Office.

Ladies:  WOW, Beautiful, Classy, and Trending. This dress with cover is smart, YOU will be the talk of your next function… Chiffon Blended, made in Turkey, an original… we never make copies.

Bella’s New Stock Update 69

Ladies:  this is a beautiful office dress with a matching Jacket… the dress is made in Turkey, 100% chiffon, for styling…

Ladies:  These shirt dresses are made in Turkey. 100% Cotton, an original, we never make copies.

Ladies:  These are 100% Chiffon tops, made in Turkey. Only originals at Bella’s