Welcome back to Bella’s collection’s blog! Today we are going to talk about ladies suits! We will talk about both pieces, the jacket and the skirt! We will go over how to match different outfits and what guidelines to stick to! We are also going to go over some major key points that will help you find the suit that fits you perfectly! 

Table of contents:

  • What’s a ladies suits?
  • Ladies suit dress pants
  • Ladies suit skirt
  • How it should fit
  • How to match
  • Conclusion

What’s a ladies suit?

Among many other meanings, a suit is a jacket and pants that match — formal wear for men or woman. Suits are well-suited (appropriate) for some jobs and formal events, like a funeral. A woman’s suit can be made up with dress pants or a skirt.

Ladies dress pants:

The dress pants needs to rest slightly on your shoes. That way they don’t drag on the ground and get ruined.

Ladies suit-skirt:

The skirt usually goes about an inch above your knee. If you go much shorter it becomes a little less appropriate for these events.

How it should fit:

  • Blazers

    A new blazer is a great way to revitalize your look. Pick a style that gives you the flexibility to dress it up or down, and make sure it fits you in all the right places by making a note of these blazer fit tips:

    • Shoulders

      When you slip on a blazer, it should fit comfortably in the shoulders without pulling. It also should not be too roomy in that area. Make sure the seams are centered on your shoulders and the edges don’t extend past your shoulders. Rotate your arms and make sure you have full range of motion.

    • Sides

      Purchase a blazer that fits comfortably at your widest point (stomach, chest, or shoulders). If necessary, have it altered by taking in the waist.

      • Length

      Choose the length of your blazer based on your own personal style preference. Keep in mind that cropped blazers are more flattering on petite women, while longer styles look great on taller women.

      • Sleeves

      The end of your blazer sleeves should reach your wrist bones. But if you will be wearing a shirt with sleeves extending beyond the edge of the jacket, the blazer sleeves should reach slightly above your wrist bones. Make sure your sleeves do not cover your hands, and avoid exposing too much arm.

Dress Pants

No work wardrobe is complete without fashionable and flattering dress pants. These simple tips will help you choose dress pants that both flatter and fit.

• Waist

Make sure you sit down when trying on your dress pants. The waist should fit comfortably. If you fall in between sizes, buy the bigger size and have the pants altered.

• Legs

Just say no to camel toe. Truly, a too-short crotch is the worst dress pants offense. Make sure there is no wrinkling or pulling across the front of your pants. On the flip side, if pants are too loose in the leg, have a tailor take in the width.

• Length

Decide on the height of the shoes you will be wearing with your pants, and have the pants altered accordingly. The hem should just graze the floor, but not drag on the ground.

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Pencil skirts are a business wear staple, and can be worn with a matching suit jacket or other separate top. Follow these guidelines to make sure your skirt fits and flatters.

• Waist

Your skirt should sit right at or slightly below your natural waist. Use your belly button as a guide. If you have to suck in your belly to zip up, the skirt is too tight. Your zipper should pull up easily for the proper fit.

• Thigh

Take full advantage of the three-way mirrors in the dressing room and make sure there are no tight areas where your skirt puckers from strain. Conversely, you should not be swimming in extra fabric. Choose a skirt that fits your body nicely and gives you enough room to move.

• Length

The hem of your skirt should fall at or slightly above the knee.

Matching your clothes:


One of the biggest fashion mistakes that women make is pairing suit separates in colors that are too close, such as a dark navy jacket and black pants, a white blazer and ivory pants, or a brown jacket and a skirt in a different shade of brown. Pairing those combinations will likely make it seem like you were trying to match but just didn’t quite get it right.

Instead, opt for colors that are completely different. A red jacket and a pair of navy pants will look great together, and so will a royal purple jacket and an ivory-colored skirt. Pro tip: Think back to the color wheel you learned in elementary school and try to pair contrasting colors.


The easiest way to mix and match your suits is to pair patterns and neutrals. Have a floral pencil skirt? Pair it with one of your neutral suit jackets. Red pants? Wear them with a pinstripe blazer. It’s hard to go wrong with this strategy because the combinations that you put together will immediately feel new and fresh, and you won’t run the risk of putting together two items that don’t quite match, but look like they were supposed to.

Start by pulling a color from the print you’re starting with—such as the pink from a floral printed jacket—and find a solid-colored piece in that color to match with it. Another tip: Black and white prints, particularly black and white stripes, go with everything. Leopard is another great neutral print that will match practically any other solid color you pair it with.


Make sure the textures of your suiting separates have different enough textures, or you’ll look like you’re trying to match two separates that don’t go together instead of wearing two distinct separates. Pair a velvet blazer with wool pants or a tweed jacket with a thick ponte skirt so you don’t make this mistake. Another trick: Stock up on suiting separates that are the same material so you can easily mix and match different-colored separates.

Take another look at the suits in your closet: You’ll have a lot more outfits available to you when you start mixing and matching them. Create combinations that highlight contrasting textures, colors, or prints, and let your personality shine through the combinations you try.


Thank you for reading our blog! Today we went over what a ladies suit is, the pants and skirt. We also went over how it should fit and how to match! feel free to stop in the store today for help picking out your new future favorite outfit!

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