Kitenge Fabric - Kitenge... in Kampala

Authentic plain Kitenge fabric draped elegantly on a display stand.
Classic Kitenge Fabric: 45k per meter

We travel to West Africa to Find the Source of this beautiful Kitenge Fabric… We now buy direct from the factory.

Kitenge Dresses. in Kampala. Click WhatsApp to see more of our Original Kitenge from West Africa!

Multi Colored Woodin 100% Cotton African Fabric
Plain 25k per yard Metallic 45k per yard

We have Tailors to make your perfect Kitenge Dress.  We sell only what you need to make you fashions.  We sell by the yard.  45k for Metallic Prints, 25k for Solid Colors

Kitenge Fashions... in Kampala. Kitenge Fabric.

100% Cotton Kitenge from West Africa
Plain 25k per yard Metallic 45k per yard

With this original African fabric you can design unique and last dresses, tops and accessories

Kitenge Fashions... in Kampala. We cut our fabric and sell by the meter, you buy only what you need. Kitenge Fabric.

Print African Fabric Woodin from West Africa
45k Ugx per yard

We received 68 new pieces.  We are ready to assist you for your Kitenge Fashions.

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